Single Phase Transformer

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Single Phase Transformer

Transformer is electromagnetic static electrical equipment (with no moving parts) which transforms magnetic energy to electrical energy. It consists of a magnetic iron core serving as magnetic transformer part and transformer cooper winding serving as electrical part. The transformer is high efficiency equipment and its losses are very low because there isn’t any mechanical friction inside. Transformers are used in almost all electrical systems from low voltage up to the highest voltage level. It operates only with alternating current(AC), because the direct current (DC) does not create any electromagnetic induction. Depending on the electrical network where the transformer is installed, there are two transformer types, three-phase transformers and single phase transformers.

The single phase transformer contains two windings, one on primary and the other on the secondary side. They are mostly used in single-phase electrical power system. The three-phase system application means using three single phase units connected in the three-phase system. This is a more expensive solution and it is used in high power system.

Applications of Single Phase Transformer

The advantages of three single-phase units are transportation, maintenance and spare unit availability.

The single-phase transformers are widely used in commercial low voltage application as electronic devices.

They operate as step down voltage transformer and decrease the home voltage value to the value suitable for electronics supplying.

On the secondary side rectifier is usually connected to convert AC voltage to the DC voltage which is used in electronics application.

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